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Though there are some exceptions (see right), applicants generally must meet five criteria in order to be eligible for Legal Aid's FREE or LOW-COST services. (NOTE: if you do not Qualify please see our Affordable Lawyers Project)


a) Income eligible according to the guidelines set out by LSC annually (125% of federal poverty guidelines)


Size of Family Unit (in parentheses).

You must not make more than this amount pre-taxes per month:


(1 person) $1,297
(2 people) $1,745
(3 people) $2,193
(4 people) $2,641
(5 people) $3,089

(6 people) $3,537

(7 people) $3,985

(8 people) $4,433



b) Make over the income stated above but a member of a target population for which we receive additional funding specifically (e.g. HUD housing, Affordable Lawyers Project, Big Island and Maui Title III, etc); OR

c) Make over the income stated above but qualify as an exception to LSC income eligibility. Income Eligibility Exception must be completed.


Income is from any source, including:

• Employment
• Pension
• Financial assistance from the state or Federal government
• Child support/alimony
• Unemployment compensation, workers comp, TDI
• Any other allowance or payments that are regularly received by the applicant


Excluded from household income is:

• Irregular income (girlfriend gives him money once in a while)
• In-kind income (someone pays the rent directly to the landlord for the applicant)
• Non cash benefits, such as Food Stamps
• For victims of Domestic Violence, financial eligibility shall be based only on the income of the members of the applicant’s household and exclude the income of the alleged perpetrator of violence.

a) Assets less than $8,000 for single individual; for each additional family member the limited is increased by $3,000; OR

b) Over-asset but qualify as an exception to LSC asset eligibility. Asset Eligibility Exception must be completed.

a) U.S. citizen. If a client meets face-to-face with Legal Aid, U.S. Citizenship Documentation must be completed; OR

b) Eligible Alien. Eligible Alien Documentation must be completed and relevant documentation attached.

4. NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST with another client or have Waiver of Conflict signed by previous client.

5. TYPE OF LEGAL PROBLEM. Have a legal problem that is a type of problem that Legal Aid assists with.



If the applicant receives TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families), GA (General Assistance) or SSI (Supplemental Security Income), they are financially eligible for Legal Aid’s services.